What is your favorite place in the San Diego State area?


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sushi-Tokyo Sushi

Name: Tokyo Sushi

Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese

Opinion: Great

Area: El Cajon, College Area

About: Loud music at night and great sushi!

What to order: Chirashi Donburi (various raw fish over rice scattered with seaweed)

More info: It's hard for me to really recommend stuff from here because the menu is pretty large and has a lot of classic items and new rolls you probably have never heard of. Not very authentic but still delicious. At night time, techno music is blasted and it's hard to talk, not too big of a fan on that note, but I'll sit through it just because the food is so good. The chefs do take a lot of care when preparing your food and each plate in itself is an art piece. If you go to A-Plus review and need a pick me up, it's in the same building!

Address: 6784 El Cajon Blvd # D, San Diego, CA 92115

Italian-Mimmo's Italian Village

Name: Mimmo's Italian Village

Cuisine: Italian

Opinion: AMAZING

Area: Downtown/Little Italy

About: Amazing atmosphere and amazing food, best Italian food in Little Italy!

What to order: Gnocchi with pink sauce (add chicken), chicken parmesan, calamari, bruschetta,

More info: My family and I used to go to the place next door called Trattoria Fantastica, until after a few many times of bad service we said oh well, left our table and went next door to Mimmo's. You know how they say God has a plan and everything happens for a reason, well that is how we found Mimmo's. It is fairly expensive and parking is always horrible in Little Italy but I would say it is worth it. I am a big fan of bread in restaurants and they have great bread before your meal. Great service and a really great atmosphere for a date or a celebration. When ever find my friends ask for a recommendation in Little Italy, I always tell them this place!

Website/Menu: http://www.mimmos.biz/index.htm

Address: 1743 India Street, San Diego, California  92101

Sandwiches-Board & Brew

Name: Board & Brew

Cuisine: Sandwiches

Opinion: Good

Area: Del Mar

About: For residents around Del Mar, Board & Brew is a staple. A lot of people treck up from the beaches of Del Mar for an amazing sandwich. On the what to order it will be hard for me, because everything is good, but the one I listed is my favorite.

What to order: Turkado, (really try every sandwich, they are all good), no matter what sandwich you get ask for two secret sauces on the side per sandwich.

More info: I have decided to lower the ranking of Board & Brew Del Mar, because I finally visited Board & Brew Carlsbad, which in my opinion is 100% better. The staff is a lot nicer and the food seems more fresh and better prepared.  The secret sauce has a  sweet and sour kind of taste, it's very different but for some reason it always completes the sandwich. Maybe try and call your order in because it is very popular. The price is pretty reasonable, I believe it's anywhere from $6-$8 a sandwich. Parking is rough but there is a small lot in the back.

Website/Menu: http://boardnbrewdelmar.com/

Address: 1212 Camino Del Mar, Del mar, CA 92014

Call it in: (858) 481-1021


Name: Stadium Sports Bar and Restaurant

Cuisine: American

Opinion: Bad

Area: Encinitas

About: The atmosphere is awesome, there are tvs everywhere. I was first caught off guard when the waitress asked us if we wanted a booth with a tv, I thought there would just be a tv next to the booth, but the tv is sitting on your table, and you have complete control of it. With that being said, I wouldn't come here for the food, maybe next play offs I'll go back just to see a sport's event there, but I wouldn't go back for the food.

What to order: Maybe a burger...Not quite sure, but I can tell you not what to order: fish and chips, and parmesan chicken.

More info: I had higher expectations for this place, on a Friday night at 6pm it was completely empty so that's gotta tell you something.

Website: http://www.stadiumsandiego.com/

Address: 149 S. El Camino Real, Encinitas CA 92024

Hamburgers-Bare Back Grill

Name: Bare Back Grill

Cuisine: Hamburgers, (New Zealand Inspired)

Opinion: Great

Area: Pacific Beach

About: Great lunch specials and really great atmosphere.

What to order: Lunchbox Special (you get a soda/beer, fries and hamburger for $10), Bare B'RGER

More info: Very relaxed and unique setting, I have only been there for lunch so I can't comment on dinner time. On the wall they have a $4 spin board, where you pay $4, spin the wheel, and can earn one of their random prizes, such as a free meal or a root beer shot. The fries are amazing, very thin but have almost a sugar taste to them it's very different but very good. This place is definitely a keeper!

Address: 4640 Mission Blvd
(at Emerald Ct)
San DiegoCA 92109


Name: Taijima

Cuisine: Japanese

Opinion: Great

Area: Clairemont Mesa

About: Taijima is a little more modern and hip looking then chopstix, but don't be fooled by their look, the food still stays true to it's Japanese roots.

What to order: Make your own ramen, Chicken Katsu, Onigiri (Rice Ball), Okonomiyaki (if you're feeling adventurous, also this takes longer to make then most meals)

More info: There are two locations, and I believe each one has a different menu. The menu is very extensive and gives you lots of options.

Website/Menu: http://tajimasandiego.com/

Address: 4411 Mercury St., San Diego, CA 92111 and:
                    4681 Convoy St., #1, San Diego, CA 92111

Korean BBQ-Buga

Name: Buga Korean BBQ Restaurant

Cuisine: Korean, Japanese

Opinion: AMAZING

Area: Clairemont Mesa

About: My dad stumbled in this place before we moved here when he was staying at the Motel 6, (yes, it's practically connected to a Motel 6) he was so tired when they brought out the food raw he was very confused. We returned 6 years later and from my first bite I fell in love with this place. 

What to order: BBQ Combos (order according to the number of people) (Around $50 for two people)

More info: I cannot believe how many sides come with the BBQ combo, it is amazing, I still have no idea what I am eating but it's fun to be adventurous. You also get a salad, 2 soups, a plate of noodles, shrimp, pork, chicken, beef, 3 different kinds of sauces, and a few other items depending on the day. It does seem a little expensive but for all the stuff you get it is completely worth it, and you leave feeling stuffed. The meat comes out raw and is cooked in front of you, sometimes when it is not that busy the waitresses will move the meat and tell you when it's ready, if it's too busy, you are on your own! 

Website/Menu: http://www.bugabbq.com/

Address: 5580 Clairemont Mesa BlvdSan DiegoCA 92117-2347

                                                                Look at all that food!

Sandwiches-The B Spot

Name: The B Spot

Cuisine: Sandwiches, Hamburgers, American, Asian

Opinion: GREAT

Area: Clairemont Mesa

About: You better come to this place with an appetite because the sandwiches/hamburgers are HUGE!

What to order: Texas burger, The Beauty, The Beast

More Info: Placed in one of the most hectic parking lots, this place gets a little lost but it is definitely worth dealing. I have talked with the owner (very nice guy) before and he went to San Diego State (Go Aztecs!) and moved out to the east coast and really learned about east coast food and brought it to San Diego. So most of the sandwiches have cole slaw on them, which I am not the biggest fan of cole slaw and I still enjoyed it. If you don't have that big of an appetite don't be afraid to split a sandwich with someone else. Make sure you get a stamp card because you're going to want to come back.

Website: None

Address: 4646 ste#103 Convoy Street, San Diego, California 92111

Japanese Food-Chopstix Sushi & Noodle Cafe

Name: Chopstix

Cuisine: Japanese

Opinion: AMAZING

Area: Kearny Mesa, Clairemont Mesa

About: This is one of my family's favorite restaurants. It is definitely a hole in the wall sort of place, but it is one of my favorite Japanese places in San Diego! Also it is VERY CHEAP!

What to order: Chicken Katsudon (fried chicken pieces over egg and rice), Chicken Katsu (fried chicken with a salad, bowl of rice, and bowl of miso ramen) , Wonton Chasyu Men (a giant bowl of ramen), Yaki Soba (Noodles and vegetables) , Unagi Don (eel), Chicken Katsu Curry (fried chicken in a curry mix) , Oyakodon (chicken over egg and rice)

More info: The waitress's are very nice, and make sure before your meal you say itadakimasu, and after you say gochisosamadeshita! (That is how you show grace for your meal in Japanese, and the waitresses will be very impressed.) Parking is horrible during peak times, but if you're lucky you will get a spot in the front if not try the back even though it is a tight squeeze. Try a Calpico soda or if you can a large beer with your meal! Even though they do serve sushi, there are plenty of other places in San Diego with amazing sushi, so if you are craving it, have a california or crunchy roll for an appetizer, but definitely try the ramen or meals over rice, which are hard to find at other places. They do have soba and udon, which I am not a big fan of so try them for yourselves and comment on this on how they are. There is a second chopstix's location (Chopstix Too), I went there when the original was closed and wasn't as enthusiastic about it, but again try it out for yourself and comment below.

Website/Menu: http://chopstix.menutoeat.com/index.cfm

Address: 4633 Convoy St. , San Diego, CA 92111

Fun Fact: Oyako-don is chicken over cooked egg and rice. The reason it has the name oyako-don is because don 丼 means bowl, oya 親 means parent, while ko 子 means child, so the parent represents the chicken and the child represents the egg in the bowl!